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Where does Gangaji teach concerning “Departments out-of Believe” given that informed me during the Section 17 of your own Gita?

Objavljeno: 13. svibnja 2023.

Where does Gangaji teach concerning “Departments out-of Believe” given that informed me during the Section 17 of your own Gita?

Incase there was nevertheless any ambiguity about it section Krishna next specifically announces that people who’re constantly thought or Your (Mat-Gatena,) maybe not Their times, Their Brahman, otherwise whichever fictional suggestions you to definitely concocts on the God… that individual, just who renders solution to Your, the newest identification out-of Godhead exactly who passes the original identity KRISHNA, who’s the brand new speaker of the Bhagavad gita, is the High Of all the! ! (yukta-tamah.)

“Of the many yogis the person who constantly thinks of Myself (mat-gatena) completely believe, (sraddha-van) rendering enjoying solution (bhajate) in my opinion (mam), that individual (sah ) We consider (me-matah) the number one! (yukta-tamah.)” – Bhagavad gita Since it is, Chapter 6 “Sankya Pilates”, Text message 47

These passages then establish you to definitely based on Bhagavad gita, Gangaji are a fraud and you may a swindle even with their unfounded claim that: “Gangaji teaches which exact same realities https://datingranking.net/escort-directory/miramar/ you to Krishna instructed.”

And then make instance a ridiculous declaration besides shows their lack of knowledge about what Krishna taught in the Gita, however, more to the point it shows exactly how dangerous and you will self-serving Gangaji’s knowledge try. In fact I expect that. However for all those other people who try scanning this exchange, decide for yourself in line with the facts I am going to now bring in the event that Gangaji is actually training just what Krishna coached or other dastardly thing:

Really does Ganjaji train throughout the Karma together with transcendence of one’s soul including Krisna elaborately lays call at Part dos of one’s Gita? In which really does Gangaji show this lady children towards “About three Settings of Point” characteristics because they’re very carefully explained into the Section 14 of the Gita? We have yet to discover certainly Gangaji’s disciples who’ll detect between the “Divine and you can Demoniac Nature” because told me into the Part sixteen of one’s Gita.

Gangaji isn’t exercises something close to exactly what Krishna instructed when you look at the the latest Bhagavad gita along with started you to ultimately end up being very foolish and you will deceived and come up with such as for example a ridiculous claim. Therefore i once more accuse Gangaji of being a whole con which will not even comprehend the message of your own Gita what you should chat from train they!

All propaganda put-out from the River Ganga basis confirms one Gangahi is compelling her own “Feel Still; You’re Jesus; Have more confidence; Pay attention to Me” faith and never what Krishna informed obviously as follows:

“ Take part your mind always into the considering Me, feel My personal lovers, provide obeisances to me and praise Me. Getting totally engrossed in Myself, you’ll certainly started to Myself.” – Bhagavad-gita Since it is, Part 9 “Knowledge of absolutely the”, Text message 34.


This is certainly then confirmed from the exactly how Krishna responded practical question Arjuna questioned in the first verse out of Chapter several. Arjuna especially planned to understand whom the better yogi try. Was just about it the person who worships Him when it comes to the fresh unpassioned Brahman (aksaram -not in the senses; avyaktam-the brand new us-manifested), or the yogi exactly who occupies the entire process of enjoying dedication to help you Him in the form of Bhakti Yoga:

I am sure you imagine what you told you holds true and you may may continue to do so even after studying this type of numerous rebuttals

“Arjuna inquired: Which happen to be said to be even more prime , those who are always properly involved with Your own devotional provider otherwise those who worship the latest unpassioned Brahman, the unmanifested?” – Bhagavad-gita As it is, Chapter 12 “Devotional Provider”, Text message step 1.

Krishna’s answer is simple and incredibly obvious. People who attempt to rationalize an option meaning off His terms and conditions basically proving exactly how protected over he is from the their individual pride and you may envious characteristics.

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